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Supercharge your Quantitative Digital Pathology with QDPconnect

Maximise the performance of your image analysis software and improve scientist/pathologist experience by deploying your image analysis software within a high-performance, scalable cloud computing environment

Discover QDPconnect

What is QDPConnect?

QDPconnect connects your Image Analysis software to the cloud, enabling:

On-demand, Scalable Computing Power

Parallel Multi-Image Processing

Easily-Enabled Remote Working

Flexible, Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

Integration with HALO® and Visiopharm®

Fully Managed Software Updates

Dashboard to Control & Monitor Resources

Safe & Secure with Built-in Audit Trail

The Future Is Now

The demands of Digital Pathology (DP) and Quantitative Digital Pathology (QDP) have changed — Industry now requires:

Pathologists to seamlessly transition from glass slides to digital reads

Easily enabled remote working across multiple sites

Adoption of image analysis to support and streamline pathologists’ workflow

Increasingly complex image analysis driven by technical advances in staining modalities and need to understand multifaced disease biology

Use of advanced AI approaches that require significant computing power

Ability to handle and manage the rapidly increasing image volume and file size

IT infrastructure that can handle complex image analysis at speed and scale

A flexible, future-proof solution that can grow with your business

QDPconnect provides a solution to all of these requirements, and more. Contact us to find out how:

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Don't Get Left Behind

Traditional IT models are holding back the rapidly evolving field of Digital Pathology and its impact on R&D and Healthcare — Here’s how:

Slow rendering of digital images leading to inefficient use of Pathologists time

High CapEx required to maintain depreciating assets

Limited access to high-performance GPUs required for Deep Learning

Laborious analysis of large complex images hinders timely data generation for R&D projects

Fragmented processes for performing image analysis

Constant software updates stealing scientist time

Inflexible, costly image management and storage

Current auditing and compliancy processes can be costly and difficult to manage

Arrange a chat with our experts to learn how QDPconnect can resolve these pains:

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